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Lost my Firefly virginity...

So, I'm watching Firefly for the first time ever after having fellow Farscape and Stargate fans suggest me to try and watch the one and only series.

I was having fun until this guy showed up with a startling resemblance to Dr. Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1. he even gets seduced by Adria! *cough* Inara played by Morena Bacarrin!

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HUMANS inspired

Originally posted by bloodpara at HUMANS inspired
You have a robot maid, kind of like a roomba but human looking.

One night you're away and your spouse comes home drunk and has sex with it.

It is cheating?

Does your answer change depending on if it's attractive vs just robot looking? If it can answer questions? Cook dinner?

Would you get a robot maid that looks like an attractive human being at all or would that be too creepy/too Skynet?
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In Jacksonian Fashion: the Director's Cut

Originally posted by niamaea at In Jacksonian Fashion: the Director's Cut
Oh ho!  Just when you thought you had seen it all, dear readers, Daniel's wardrobe triumphantly returns for an encore!  There were quite a few memorable outfits whose exclusion from the previous compilation was met with protests, and a few more that I myself would have liked to include but couldn't.  Your requests and the power of Hot compelled me, so...

Within, for those inclined to view it, is a collection of Jacksonian Fashion that, for one reason or another, was disqualified for inclusion in the official edition.  The spectrum here is wide, my friends; the lows are spectacularly low, and the highs...are naked.

So join me one last time, as we go back, back, omg so far back... (Image-heavy!  The goggles do nothing!)

Collapse )

Whew!  Well, my friends, I am aghast and agog at the wardrobe we have seen over the years.  Sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrifying -- always, always, worth a second look.  I thank you, from the very bottom from my totally insane little heart, for your time, and your comments, for cracking me up with your responses to some of these pictures and captions, and for putting up with my dalliances into Victorian England, dear readers.  I've had an absolute blast putting this all together, and if the rumors are true and someone's day was brightened by the Hot, well, then -- mission accomplished! :-)

And that's all she wrote, folks.  For now.

If you'd like, you can return to 'In Jacksonian Fashion' proper:  part one, part two, part three, part four, or part five.

Stargate Caps: it's what's for dinner.
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REC: "How a Thief Fit into SG-1" Vala Mal Doran Picspam

Originally posted by campylobacter at REC: "How a Thief Fit into SG-1" Vala Mal Doran Picspam
A vintage 8-panel picspam from 2009 about
Vala Mal Doran by tenacious_err
at "It's the wrong one! You can't just jam it in!'d you do that?"

  1. Vala Mal Doran

  2. Vala & General Landry

  3. Vala & Teal'c

  4. Vala & Cam

  5. Vala & Sam

  6. Vala & Daniel

  7. Bonus: My favorite Vala and D/V Moment

  8. Vala in SG-1

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I Write Fanfic Meme

Originally posted by campylobacter at I Write Fanfic Meme
Daniel and Vala cuddle as Harrid and SallisOriginally posted by jennickels at Totally stole this who memed this from angelus2hot.

1. Describe your comfort zone—a typical you-fic.

I tend to descibe rooms more than I should. I flipped out when Daniel J moved home!

2. Is there a trope you’ve yet to try your hand at, but really want to?

Oh, god. *winces* Vala/Baal.

3. Is there a trope you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole?

Anything to do with tentacles in places. Hentai has ruined animated sci-fi for me.

4. How many fic ideas are you nurturing right now? Care to share one of them?

*blows raspberry* I'm so fucked in the head right now, Daniel/Vala/Baal threesomes are goin' on in my head right now, guys.

5. Share one of your strengths.

I speak with Vala's accent daily.

6. Share one of your weaknesses.

I don't own a computer so I can only troll on public ones. *SMH*

7. Share a snippet from one of your favorite pieces of prose you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

"Vala watches him leave, despair settling in immediately.

Drinking away her sorrows until midnight comes, she hates that fact she is carrying his child.

Because she can't run away from what is inside her."

Because I destroyed so many fan's minds with this.

8. Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

"Well, well isn't this naughty?"

"Yes, it is. Which is why we need to stop."

Because the witch of the wilds AKA Morrigan on Dragon Age uses 'well, well'.
AFTER I wrote my thingy!

9. Which fic has been the hardest to write?

The Funeral of Hearts.

10. Which fic has been the easiest to write?

Planet X.

11. Is writing your passion or just a fun hobby?

I write becasue I'm happy. I'm happy becasue I write.

12. Is there an episode above all others that inspires you just a little bit more?

Unending. It destroys me each time I watch it. So I watch it a lot.

13. What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever come across?

  • Show, don't tell.

  • When writing sex, fuck your reader, instead concentrate on fucking yourself.

14. What’s the worst writing advice you’ve ever come across?


15. If you could choose one of your fics to be filmed, which would you choose?

My first ever Stargate fic called 'Planet X'.
I watched Prof Brian Cox to inspire me on correct scientific terms O:)

16. If you only could write one pairing for the rest of your life, which pairing would it be?

Daniel/Vala. duh

17. Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write the scenes out of order?

Me like books.

18. Do you use any tools, like worksheets or outlines?

I don't own a laptop I sometimes have to use this fucking thing called a pen and an abomination called a notebook.

19. Stephen King once said that his muse is a man who lives in the basement. Do you have a muse?

Have you ever seen a chick on telly called Claudia Black? Yeah? Good.

20. Describe your perfect writing conditions.

No distractions

21. How many times do you usually revise your fic/chapter before posting?

I don't revise.

22. Choose a passage from one of your earlier fics and edit it into your current writing style.


23. If you were to revise one of your older fics from start to finish, which would it be and why?


24. Have you ever deleted one of your published fics?


25. What do you look for in a beta?

What's a beta?

26. Do you beta yourself? If so, what kind of beta are you?

Never beta-ed before

27. How do you feel about collaborations?


28. Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

@Campypornshack - fucking fanfiction fangirl times

@IMFrellingWonko - randomess

@Spacegypsy1 - off world fics are beautiful and they remind me of the first 3 seasons of Stargate SG'1

29. If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?

None, never. Never ever .

30. Do you accept prompts?

I can't guarantee I'd ever finish a request so I don't personally ask for prompts.

31. Do you take liberties with canon or are you very strict about your fic being canon compliant?

What's canon?!

32. How do you feel about smut?


33. How do you feel about crack?

Crystal meth FTW!

34. What are your thoughts on non-con and dub-con?

Rape requires a content warning. Warn for that shit.

35. Would you ever kill off a canon character?

Marty Lloyd ;)

36. Which is your favorite site to post fic?

my AO3 author page

37. Talk about your current WiPs.


38. Talk about a review that made your day.

I love when readers engage in dialog with me in feedback, even when it's not about my story.

39. Do you ever get rude reviews and how do you deal with them?


40. Write an alternative ending to [insert fic title] (or just the summary of one).
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Answer for question 4270.

Have you ever had a friendship where you became close incredibly fast, and felt like you could become even more than friends just as quickly? If so, what did you do? What did your friend do? How did it feel?
Yes, I was in a charity shop in my local town and bumped into someone I thought was vaguely familiar so I asked her "have we met before?" She replied with "keys" and showed my a tattoo of on old key on her right wrist; I saw her only once before in a cafe in the very same town. She gave me her number. We started dating the very next year.
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